Developing Number Sense Using Ten Frames: Part 1

Number Sense | Addition | Subtraction

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This course helps kids build a solid Math foundation through hands-on, interactive, deep thinking activities.

It goes from basic counting up through double-digit addition and subtraction. This course would be perfect for 4-6 year olds or older students who are still struggling to understand addition and subtraction.

This course helps kids develop number sense through ten frames and then extends that sense of how numbers work to understand addition and subtraction. The adding and subtracting process turns out to be a simple extension of understanding what numbers "look like" in ten frames, and kids can learn to confidently and quickly add and subtract numbers up through 100 without ever relying on complex algorithms or memorizing math facts!

The hands-on manipulatives (ten frames) create a framework for kids to do mental math, and the focus on critical thinking skills empower them to explain their thought process clearly as they work through larger Math problems, perhaps even teaching younger siblings or friends as they play the included games or do the puzzles or activities together!

The course is built around video lessons with a 175+ page file of printable games, activities, worksheets, templates, and practice pages, as well as built-in links to online, self-grading quizzes. A pacing guide is also included to get students through the course in 10-20 minute increments over the course of 3-4 months (the pace depends on the age and ability of the child) with built-in daily review.

The course focuses on mastery and deep understanding of how numbers work to lay a strong foundation for all future Math skills - as well as helps kids enjoy learning Math and feel confident in themselves as learners!

It is hands-on for students but as hands-free for parents as possible :). All lessons are taught through video, all skills are clearly laid out in a skills checklist that accompanies the course and assessed through frequent quizzes, and a wide variety of interactive activities help kids learn concepts in a solid way.

Since this course focuses in on the fundamental core of Mathematics (number sense, composing and decomposing numbers, addition and subtraction, critical thinking skills used to solve problems), it could be used alongside any Math curriculum to deepen a child's confidence in Math and provide plenty of fun, hands-on activities to make Math enjoyable :).

You can see a complete description of this series of courses by clicking on the image below:

Developing Number Sense course series

This is Part 1 of the Developing Number Sense course series.

Part 2 covers everything from Part 1 at a much faster pace with fewer activities (designed to help kids ages 7-10 who could use reinforcement with understanding addition and subtraction) then covers multiplication and division in depth.

We will use an abacus in Part 2 with the same strategies we used with ten frames in Part 1.

Part 2 is designed for kids who are 7 and older. Younger kids would do better with the full development of the ten frame strategies through the videos and activities offered in either Part 1 or the complete course.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at [email protected]

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Sandra Balisky
Sandra Balisky
Hi, I’m Sandra!

I'm a former high-school math teacher (M.A.), now homeschooling my own kids. I love helping learners of all ages understand how Math works, enjoy the learning process, and feel confident in their own ability to make sense of Math.

I've created Math curriculum for the past 5 years with the goal of helping the next generation of students overcome Math anxiety and become Math superstars!

You can follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and can reach me with any questions at [email protected].

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